Chapter 1.0

History of the Quanz Family




The meaning of the name:

The name could be of Slavonic origin and could mean Quand, Quant = wall + garment

or another possibility is quant = cunning.


In Middle High German kwant = rogue, clever person and likewise "qaund" in Middle Low German and still today in East Frisian.


Well-known persons bearing the name are:

            Johann Joachim Quantz, flute instructor in the court of Frederick the Great (1697-1773)

            Johannes Dictus Quant von Greifswald (1308)


Text: Dr. Gerhard Quanz




Coat of Arms of the Quanz Family


A family coat of arms, which was given to the Quanz-family from Kaiser Sigismund, Holy Roman Reich I, in the year 1422, with the remark, that everyone by the name of Quanz is allowed to carry this coat of arms.



We believe the writing on the crest is as follows:


 Wappen der Familie Quanz

Die Quanz aus Hessen Stammend, sind eines guten Geschlechts und führen im Schwarzrothen Felde drei Sterne und zwei Niberne Lilien, welche die Reinheit der Familie andeuten. Einen gekrönten Helm worauf ein Adlersflügel mit einem Stern der das Glück des Stammes darstellt.

Dieses Wappen erhielten Sie unter Kaiser Sigismund

Unno 1422


The Quanz from Hessen descended from good lineage and conduct. In black and red field with three stars and two silver lilies represent the purity of the family. A helmet with a star represents luck. This coat of arms is issued under Kaiser Sigismund, of the Holy Roman Reich I in the year 1422.





















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