Johann Joachim Quantz - 1697 - 1773

Johann Joachim Quantz was born on Jan. 30, 1697 in Oberscheden near Gottingen. His father, name unknown, was a blacksmith who died before Johann was 10 years old. Johann was apprenticed to his Uncle Justus Quantz and served J.A. Fleischhack as a journeyman until 1716 studying many string and wind instruments.

For several years he played in local orchestras playing various instruments such as violin, oboe, and flute. His interest in the flute developed. He wrote a treatise "On Playing the Flute" and as well as many musical pieces for the flute. A young Prince Frederick heard Johann Quantz and arranged to have Johann come to the palace twice a year to teach Frederick to play the flute. When Frederick ascended to the throne to become King Frederick the Great, he had Johann Quantz brought to his court to continue his teaching and to write flute music for the King. As chief musician to the court of King Frederick the Great, Johann wrote over 500 music pieces of which 200 were for the flute.

Johann Quantz was tutor, flute player and composer to the court of King Frederick from 1741 until his death in Potsdam on July 12, 1773.



A painting of Johann Joachim Quantz
at the Court of King Frederick the Great.

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Johann Joachim Quantz
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