Chapter 6.2

S.S. #7 Wallace Public School


The original log school was built about 1857 on the west bank of the Maitland River. The Evangelical Church and the Loyal Orange Lodge held their yearly meetings in this school.

In 1873, a new school was planned on a half-acre lot, ten rods (165 feet) west of the old school. The trustees, Mr. Fredrick Hemsworth, Mr. Montezuma brothers and Mr. Peter Walter met in the Shipley School on Dec. 5, 1873 and gave the contract to have a stone school built similar to the one at Shipley. The total cost when completed in 1874 was $1,402.36.


Q-990 - SS No 7 Wallace Maitland School - Wallace History 1985 001


In 1896 a woodshed was built. In 1952 major renovations were performed, including a basement, water pressure system and oil furnace.


The teachers’ salaries at 10 year intervals were as follows:

                   1861                 $192

                   1871                   291

                   1881                   405

                   1891                   335

                   1901                   308

                   1911                   530

                   1921                   859


The first teacher in the old log school was Mr. J. Ellison followed by Mr. Massey Hemsworth and Mr. R.G. Roberts.


Some of the teachers are as follows:

                   Cora Forbes                                     1902 – 1904

                   Miss Simmens                                 1908

                   Elva Elizabeth Campbell                 1915 – 1917

                   Sadie E. Demman                            1917 – 1919

                   Janet A. Clarke                                1919 – 1920

                   M. McIntyre                                    1920 – 1921

                   C. Lorena Bender                            1921 – 1923

                   Janet MacKinnon                            1923 – 1924

                   T. Margaret Manse                         1924 – 1929

                   Jean R. Forbes                                 1929

                   Harvey O. Faulker                           1934 – 1936

                   Jane McFadden                               1936 – 1938

                   Honor Pletch                                   1938 – 1941

                   Sadie Adams                                   1941 – 1957

                   Ruth Vines                                       1957 – 1959

                   Clara Buchanan                              1959 – 1961

                   Gladys McKinnon                            1961 – 1962

                   Marion Nichol                                 1962 – 1964

                   Doreen McIntosh                            1964 – 1966




W-200 - Unknown 20150925_164728.jpg

W-200 - Maitland School – S.S. 7 Wallace – July 1936

Rear: Howard Krotz, Harold McLaughlin, Gladys Wenzel, Ruth Klein, Beulah Hood, Olive Wenzel, Bernice Dechert, Eileen Klein

3rd Row: Mervyn Wenzel, Arthur Ott, Jack Walter, Harold Mehring, Ken Wenzel, Mildred Mohr, Evelyn McKnight

2nd Row: Walter Quanz, Laverne Mehring, Lorne McKnight, Lincoln Bender, Kenneth Krotz, Evelyn Noble, Elaine Dippel (hidden).

Front Row: Mildred Wenzel, Lola McKnight, Ivan Walter, Donald McIlroy, Billy Dippel, Lloyd Klein, Lloyd McLaughlin


Memories of Walter Quanz

There were many joyful days and some sad days. Rev. Mohr used to come up to the school at 3:00 PM and pick up all the little children. They were hanging out of the Model A Coupe all over (about 20 of us). One sad day was when Orvil Wenzel was crossing Highway #23 and he was struck and killed by a car. As a young boy being a pallbearer for our school mate was a traumatic experience for me.

In the 1940s the Farm Form met at the schoolhouse. Walter was elected president – the youngest person in Ontario to hold this office.


Q-990 - SS 7, Wallace School - 1938 - 2

S.S. 7 Wallace Public School – 6th Line of Wallace – 1938

Back Row: Ferne McFaddin (Teacher), Harold Mehring, Allan Hood, Art Ott, Mervyn Wenzel.

3rd Row; Joan Walter, Marie Kress, Evelyn McKnight, Margaret Wenzel, Ruth Klein, Mildred Mohr, Lincoln Bender, Ken Krotz, Lorne McKnight, Lavern Mehring.

2nd Row: Jack Walter, Walter Quanz, Evelyn Noble, Elaine Dippel,  Lole McKnight, Marie Wenzel, Shirley Dippel, Alma Bender, Joyce McKnight.

Front Row: Ross Kroft, Dan Noble,  ?? Klein, Rae Bender, Barry McKnight, Lloyd McLaughlin, Orval Wenzel, Bill Dippel.


SS& Wallace School - from Histriy of Wallace


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