Walter John Quanz

By John Quanz


VQ-116 - Walter Quanz Portrait - early 1940s.jpgWalter John Quanz, second son of Fred and Veronica Quanz, was born March 13, 1928 on the 6th Concession of Wallace Township, Perth County. His family moved to Kitchener when he was 2 years old. At age 4 they moved to Elmira, where he started in Kindergarten then grade one. Walter grew up speaking only German until he started school.  At the age of 6 his family moved back to the home farm and Walter attended S.S. #7 Wallace Public School a one room school house on the 6th Concession. He then went on to Listowel High School but this part of his education was cut short by the war when he had to stay home to work on the family farm.



Walter Quanz Portrait Early 1940s




In his teen-age years Walter and his brother Harry spent part of each winter in the bush cutting trees to generate additional income through the sale of the trees for lumber.


During World War II his brother Harry enlisted in the Air Force while, as the youngest son, Walter stayed home to help on the farm. Walter was active in 4H Club work and worked with purebred Holsteins at home having had a Gold Metal Brood Cow in their herd. Walter was contacted by Glenafton Farms of Alliston in 1946, then the top Holstein Herd in Canada, and was hired as an Assistant Herdsman. The complete Quanz herd was sold to a Holstein Breeder in the state of Virginia. Walter was hired as Herdsman at Sheffield Farms in 1948 in St. George. His father and mother moved with him to St. George and worked with him until after Walter and Ruby were married in 1949.


Ruby Mae Bramhill, fourth daughter of Clendon and Violet Bramhill, was born on the 2nd Concession of Minto Township. Ruby grew up with 3 sisters and 4 brothers helping on the farm and with several of her father's businesses such as ice for iceboxes and a farm feed business. Ruby attended the S.S. # 2 Minto Public School, a one-room school house near Palmerston. She attended Norwell High School graduating in 1947.

VQ-138 - Walter and Ruby Quanz - Wedding 1949.jpg



Walter and Ruby met at a Youth Program at the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1946. They were married three years later in the Evangelical United Brethren Church on the 6th Line of Wallace Township in a double ceremony with Walter's cousin Marguerite Quanz and her groom Don Bridge, Ruby's cousin, on July 16, 1949. The officiating minister was Major Everett Pero of the Salvation Army, an uncle of Ruby and Don.


After their honeymoon they moved to St. George Ontario where Walter worked as a "Herdsman" for Sheffield Farms. Sheffield Farms was operated by the Malcolm Condensing Company, which was owned by Mr. John Malcolm. As a Herdsman, Walter won many awards at the Canadian National Exhibition for Prize Purebred Holstein Cattle.





Their son, John, was born in Palmerston on May 22, 1951 shortly after they moved back to the Palmerston area to assist Ruby's father, Clendon Bramhill, in the development of a Farm Implement Sales and Service business called Bramhill Service Centre. Walter and Ruby's younger brother Roy, in partnership, took over the business in 1965 and made it one of the largest farm implement dealerships in Ontario. Walter and Ruby had two daughters Joanne Mae, born November 10, 1953 and Janice Marie, born March 6, 1957. They had another son, Quinton James, stillborn on October 23, 1962. James was named after the Evangelist Quinton James Everest.


W&R173~2Ruby joined the staff of the Midwestern Regional Children's Centre near Palmerston on March 2, 1966, as Registered Nursing Assistant and became a Staff Councillor, Assistant Ward Supervisor in 1969 and Area Supervisor in April 1988.


Walter was involved in several different community boards and positions over the years. He served for two years as the Case Dealer Rep for Eastern Canada on the Dealer Council. He also served one year as Dealer Rep on the New Holland Dealer Council and one year on the Ontario Farm Board. In 1987 Walter became Reeve of Minto Township for four years and Warden of Wellington County for 1989. In 1992 Walter retired when he and Roy closed Bramhill Service Centre and sold the property. Ruby retired December 31, 1992 from MRCC.

Walter and Ruby continued to be active in their home church, the Palmerston Evangelical Missionary Church. They also spent part of their time travelling, to their winter home in Lakeland, Florida, and to visit Janice and her family in Canton, North Carolina.


Walter passed away on July 5, 2015 as the result of heart failure at their home in Palmerston. Seven months later on Feb. 5, 2016 Ruby passed away in the Listowel Memorial Hospital. Both are buried in the Palmerston Cemetery located on Highway 23 just north of Bramhill Service Centre.


Children of Walter and Ruby Quanz:

                        Richard John Quanz – married Elaine Louise Parker

                        Joanne Mae Quanz

                        Janice Marie Quanz – Married Garry Ramsey

                        Quinton James Quanz



1.   Richard John Quanz was born May 22, 1951 in the Palmerston General Hospital. He grew up in a rural community near Palmerston, about 40 miles north of Kitchener. John attended a one-room schoolhouse, U.S.S. #11 Wallace, for primary grades and then went to Norwell District Secondary School to study Arts and Sciences. After graduation John went to Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener where he met Elaine Louise Parker, born Sep. 26, 1950, from New Dundee. He moved to Toronto to study Electrical Technology, majoring in Electronics, at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. On August 26, 1972 John and Elaine were married in the New Dundee Missionary Church. They set up their first home in Toronto and have lived in Richmond Hill, Scarborough and Markham.


            After graduation from Ryerson John joined the CBC Television Network where he maintained the production studios for such shows as The National, Friendly Giant, Mr. Dressup, and Wayne & Shuster among many others. During the transition from film to portable video for news crews, he provided portable video facilities to cover several "News Specials" with immediacy never before possible. This culminated in providing facilities to cover the signing of a Mid-East Peace Treaty by Menachem Began, Jimmy Carter, and Anwar Sadat on the lawn of the Whitehouse in Washington, DC. These special events helped change the process of Newsgathering throughout the Canadian broadcast industry.


     In 1987, Sony approached John to work as a Product Manager covering Production Cameras utilizing a new technology Sony was introducing to the Canadian market. During the following thirteen years John filled the roles of Product Manager, Marketing Manager for Broadcast Products, Regional Sales Manager for Ontario and finally General Manager Marketing for all of Sony’s Broadcast and Professional products. This covered technology that ranged from tiny security cameras to news camcorders to JumboTrons like the original screen in the Toronto SkyDome – at that time the biggest in North America.















John & Elaine Quanz Family – 1998

     Liesl       Heidi           Chris          

               Ben        John         Geri         Randy

                                     Lauren         Elaine





     During their marriage, Elaine worked as a Secretary and Computer Editor at the Dictionary of Old English located in the University of Toronto. The project is writing a dictionary of English from its earliest forms to the 11th century. Elaine's work at the dictionary led to contacts and friends in universities around the world in countries such as England, Germany, United States, and Japan. Elaine is keenly interested in reading, movies and travel. They celebrated their 25th Anniversary travelling to England and Germany in the fall of 1997.



     John is interested in Science Fiction, Home Movies and Family History. He is also heavily involved in using his technological background in community events and on a broader basis for church functions. John has provided Audio and Video support for a weekend for teenagers, called Pitch & Praise, for over 35 years. About 1600 teenagers gather in a camp setting for a weekend of music, guest speakers, sports and special events. John also participated in a television industry organization as a board member for the SMPTE – the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. The SMPTE strives to guide the standardization of technology and processes for the film and television industry.


     Their family has also been involved in the Markham Evangelical Missionary Church. Elaine sings in the choir and John is involved in the technical aspects of many church programs. Heidi and Liesl were involved with youth activities and camping.  


            Family of John Quanz and Elaine Parker;


a.     DSCF0012.jpgRandy John Grainger – Randy was born on Jun. 27, 1961 in Toronto, Ontario. He married Geri Lynn Ann Webster on May 11, 1982 in Toronto. Geri was born on Sep. 28, 1963 in Toronto. Randy and Geri live in Kelowna, British Columbia. For several years Randy was a Sales Manager for Nortel supplying phone-switching technology to the telephone companies in the Maritimes. Geri was Senior Manager of Corporate Telecommunications at CN/CP for just over 10 years managing the phone and other communications systems. Geri has recently served as the Community Ministries Director for the Salvation Army in Kelowna for the past 6 years.




Grainger Family

Randy, Geri, Ben & Lauren







Children of Randy and Geri Grainger;

                                            i.        Benjamin John Grainger – Born Apr. 24, 1990 in Oakville, Ontario. Ben is General Sales Manager for West World, an Apple product reseller in Edmonton, AB.


                                           ii.        Lauren Melissa Carolyn Grainger – Born Jul. 12, 1993 in Oakville, Ontario. Lauren is a Sales Supervisor at Lens Crafters in Kelowna, BC.



b.     Christopher John Quanz – Born May 13, 1976 and died Jul. 1, 2001. Chris lived in downtown Toronto while attending George Brown College. He graduated in June 2001 with Honours in Financial Planning and was starting his career at TD Waterhouse. Chris died in a car accident on Jul. 1, 2001.










Chris Quanz

Picture taken on

Mother’s Day 2001







c.      Heidi Marie Quanz – Born Apr. 14, 1979. Heidi graduated from the University of Western Ontario and Ottawa Teacher’s College and teaches in a primary school in York Region. Heidi married Craig White on Dec. 28, 2007. Craig is a graphic artist with a focus on commercial graphics. Heidi and Craig have a son named Cohen.


Child of Heidi Quanz and Craig White;

                                            i.        Cohen David Christopher White – born Nov. 27, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario.



d.     Liesl Catherine Quanz – Born Nov. 11, 1982 in Toronto, Ontario. Liesl graduated from York University and is teaching in a primary school in York Region. She married Richard John Bryson on Jul 9, 2011 in Markham, Ontario. Richard is an electrician for industrial applications. They have two children.


Children of Liesl and Richard Bryson;

                                          i.          Victoria Marie Bryson – Born Feb. 24, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario.


                                        ii.          Evan John Bryson – Born Dec. 2, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.











John & Elaine Quanz Family

Richard Bryson, Liesl (Quanz) Bryson, Victoria Bryson, John Quanz, Elaine Quanz, Heidi (Quanz) White, Cohen White, Craig White. – Dec. 2014







2.   Joanne Mae Quanz was born on November 10, 1953 in the Palmerston General Hospital in Palmerston Ontario. She is the second child of Walter Quanz and Ruby Bramhill. Joanne attended U.S.S. #11 Wallace Grade School for grades 1-6, attended the Minto Clifford School in Harriston for grades 7 & 8 and then attended Norwell District Secondary School. After graduation “Jo” received training as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) working in several Retirement homes in the Elora and Listowel areas. In 1986 she started working at the Wellington Terrace retirement home in Elora. She was privileged to be able to assist in the care of her grandmother, Veronica Quanz nee-Walter, until Veronica passed away in 1991 just a few days short of her 96th birthday. It was a comfort to the rest of our family knowing that Jo was on-hand to look after Grandma.


Joanne Quanz 500K

Jo’s hobbies included Southern Gospel Quartet music and her pets. Jo was keenly interested in the groups and has a talent and an interest in keeping track of her favourite groups. Jo helped look after all our pets but her favourites were Penny and Bubbles.


Jo was primary care-giver to Mom and Dad since she left Wellington Terrace and she has an apartment in Palmerston. She supported them in their apartment and was also their “Chauffer” helping them to all their appointments. She continued to be in that roll until they passed away. Jo continues to attend the Palmerston Evangelical Missionary Church.





3.   Jan & James NelsonJanice Marie Quanz was born on March 6, 1957 in the Palmerston General Hospital. She is the third child and youngest daughter of Walter Quanz and Ruby Mae Bramhill. Janice attended U.S.S. #11 Wallace Grade School for grades 1 and 2 and then attended the Minto Clifford Public School for grades 3 to 8 and Norwell District Secondary School until graduation.


Janice went to Conestoga College to train for a career in nursing graduating in 1979. At that time there were very few jobs in nursing in Ontario so she and her cousin Dawna Bramhill moved to Asheville, North Carolina to work in a hospital there.


She met her first husband, James Nelson, while he was a patient in the cardiac ward of the Memorial Mission Hospital. Jan and James were married on August 28, 1982, in the Palmerston Missionary Church. They lived in Canton, North Carolina were James worked as a machine operator in the Champion paper factory. Jan and James had a daughter Crystal Marie Nelson.  James died of a heart attack on May 26, 1990 at his home in Canton.



IMG_6605 (932x1024).jpg

Janice married Garry Ramsey of Canton, North Carolina, on Oct. 25, 1991. Jan and Garry met at their church in Canton. They were married at the Canton Wesleyan Church in Canton, North Carolina. Garry was born on Nov. 7, 1957 in Waynesville, North Carolina. He is the son of Joe and Ora Lee Ramsey.







Jan and Garry Ramsey








Garry was a fireman for the Ashville, North Carolina Fire Department. A few days before their wedding Garry’s fire department had been called to a fire in an old Victorian style house. Two crews entered the house and Garry led them up the stairs to fight the fire on the other floors. As Garry stepped onto the third floor the floor broke away. He fell thru the second floor and miraculously landed on a sofa on the first floor. The fire had started up there again so Garry used a second hose they left there to douse the fire around him as the others came in to rescue him. Garry works for Evergreen Packaging in Canton as a Rewinder Operator creating rolls of paper weighing between 2500 and 8000 pounds.


       Jan worked at Mission Hospital for 36 years. She spent 2 years on the cardiac step down floor. The next 22 years were spent in cardiac intensive care unit. After 5 years, she took the position of day charge nurse.  She held that position until she was asked to take over management of the cardiac catheterization unit.  She was manager there for 7 years.  She went back into staffing doing direct patient care in the Cath Lab recovery unit to allow more time to help with her 2 grandsons. She left Mission Hospitals in 2015. 



Crystal and Trey (743x1013).jpgFamily of Janice Quanz and Garry Ramsey:

a.    Crystal Marie Nelson - Born March 6, 1986 in the Memorial Mission / St. Joseph’s Hospital, Asheville, North Carolina. Crystal married Trey Mahaffey on June 11, 2004. Trey was born Dec. 16, 1982. He died Feb. 24, 2012. Crystal resides in Canton, North Carolina.








Treagon (912x1024).jpg








i. Treagon James Mehaffey – Born Dec. 5, 2005 at Asheville Memorial Mission Hospital.



IMG_6599 (970x1024).jpg






ii. Ethan Christopher Mehaffey – Born Oct. 6, 2008 at Asheville Memorial Mission Hospital.









IMG_6601 (724x1024).jpg










b. Amanda "Paige" Ramsey - Born May 11, 1992, Paige resides with her parents in Canton, North Carolina. 

Paige is a Medical Assistant at Ashville Cardiology Associates.








4.   Quinton James Quanz, son of Walter and Ruby Quanz, was stillborn on Oct. 23, 1962. He is buried in the Palmerston Cemetery.



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