Chapter 7.1.2

Harvey Eldon Quanz


            Harvey was born in Carrick Township on Feb. 23, 1897 on Concession 14, Carrick Township, Ontario. He married Frieda Bender on Mar. 20, 1933. Frieda was born in Wallace Township Mar. 26, 1900. Harvey died Feb. 13, 1981.  Frieda died Sep. 26, 1985.  Both are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Listowel, Ontario.

Harvey quanz







Harvey served in World War 1.

He signed up on Jun. 10, 1918

 in London, Ontario.





            Harvey and Frieda Quanz owned the 100-acre farm at Concession 7, Lot 30, from 1927 to 1963. Their operation was mixed farming with Holstein cattle, hogs, and laying hens. Their children, Eldon, Shirley and Lorne also helped with the farming.


            In 1934, the barn was reconstructed with a hip roof to make more room for the hay and the grain sheaves for barn threshing.


            On V-E Day, May 8, 1945, Harvey was at the bush helping load logs on Keeso's log trucks. Frieda was sowing grain with the horses and seed drill, and Eldon was harrowing. Suddenly, Eldon's horses turned around. Frieda left her team to try to assist Eldon and her horses ran away with the seed drill. They were found in the empty haymow with the wrecked seed drill. A new seed drill was purchased but the dealer had the old drill repaired. It was purchased by Irvin Bender and destroyed by fire when the Bender barn was struck by lightning.


            The Quanzes farmed the land until March 1963 when Harry Bulmer purchased the farm.



Harvey & Frieda Quanz Family








Frieda and Harvey Quanz and Family

Eldon, Lorne, Shirley

Frieda, Harvey







Their children:

            1. Eldon John Quanz

            2. Shirley Louise Quanz

            3. Lorne Wesley Quanz

            4. Daughter (died in infancy)


Children of Harvey Quanz And Frieda Bender Are:



1.     Eldon John Quanz - Born Jul. 19, 1934 in Wallace Township, Ontario . He died Oct. 29, 2014 at Livingstone Manor, Listowel, ON. Eldon married Betty Louise Rassman on Sep. 29, 1973. Betty was born Jan. 20, 1942. She died Jun. 6, 2013.











Eldon & Betty Quanz








Obituary Eldon John Quanz:

At Livingstone Manor, Listowel, on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, Mr. Eldon John Quanz of Listowel passed away in his 81st year.


Beloved husband of the late Betty (Rassman) Quanz.


Dear brother of Shirley Nelson of Waterloo, and Lorne Quanz of Waterloo, and brother-in-law of Laura and Brian Booth of Richmond Hill. godfather of Jason Booth.


Uncle of Jason Booth, David and Heather Nelson, Paul and Angela Nelson, Gail Nelson, Susan and Mark Healey, Kim Quanz and Laura Zago, and Larry and Janice Quanz.


Also survived by 15 great-nieces and nephews and 6 great-great-nieces and nephews.


Visitation was held at the Eaton Funeral Home, Listowel on Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. The funeral service was held at Calvary United Church, Listowel, on Monday, November 3rd at 1:30 p.m. with Rev. Ralph Dwarika officiating. Interment in Fairview Cemetery, Listowel.




2.     Shirley Louise Quanz - Born Mar. 23, 1936 in Wallace Township, Ontario.  She married Robert (Bob) Wesley Nelson on Nov. 6, 1954 in Wallace Township.  He was born on Oct. 15, 1934 in Wallace Township and died on Jan. 4, 1985 in Waterloo, Ontario.


Children of Shirley Quanz and Robert Nelson are:

a)     David Wesley Nelson - Born May. 30, 1955, Listowel, Ontario. He married Heather Quinn on Aug. 21, 1982 in Parry Sound.  She was born Oct. 12, 1960 in Parry Sound, Ontario.


Children of David Nelson and Heather Quinn are:

                                                          i.          Matthew David Nelson - Born Jul. 28, 1983 in Kitchener, Ontario. He married Amanda Vankoughnett on Aug. 18, 2012. Amanda was born on Aug. 21, 1982.












Matthew & Amanda Nelson





Children of Matthew Nelson and Amanda Vankoughnett;

1.   Henry William Nelson – Born Oct. 12, 2014 in Parry Sound.


                                                        ii.          Jonathan Edwin Robert Nelson - Born Dec. 13, 1984 in Kitchener, Ontario.


                                                       iii.          Katie Elizabeth Nelson - Born Jun. 28, 1990, Parry Sound, Ontario. Katie announced her engagement to Derek McLeod. The wedding will take place Sep. 17, 2016 in Parry Sound, Ontario.











Katie Nelson and Derek McLeod.








b)     Paul Robert Nelson - Born Aug. 9, 1956, Kitchener, Ontario. He married (1) Beverly Finnegan on Jul. 18, 1975 in Kitchener, Ontario.  She was born Oct. 24, 1956 in Kitchener, Ontario.  Paul was divorced from Beverly in 1982.

He married (2) Angela Reid on Dec. 14, 1985 in Kitchener.  She was born Jul. 3, 1961 in Kitchener.








Paul Nelson

Summer late 70's


















Paul Nelson Family

Back: Tracy, Chad, Carrie, Nicholas

Front: Erik, Robert








(1) Children of Paul Nelson and Beverly Finnegan are:

                                                            i.        Chad George Nelson - Born Dec. 13, 1975, Kitchener, Ontario. Colleen Palubeski was born Mar. 2, 1978 in Kitchener, Ontario.


Children of Chad Nelson and Colleen Palubeski are:

2.   Eve Marie Nelson - Born Aug. 21, 2008, Kitchener, Ontario.


3.   Maclean Alvin Nelson - Born Nov. 2, 2010, Kitchener, Ontario.









Eve, Jacob, Maclean

Summer 2015

















Eve, Maclean

Chad Nelson and Colleen Palubeski
































            Chad, Eve, Carrie, Maclean Nelson, Adam & Colleen Palubesk




                                                          ii.        Carrie Anne Nelson - Born Jul. 20, 1978, Kitchener, Ontario. She married Gregory Lawrence Muise on Jun. 7, 2003 in Bethany Missionary Church, Kitchener, Ontario.  He was born Aug. 26, 1979 in Cambridge, Ontario.


Child of Carrie Nelson and Gregory Muise is:

1.   Jacob Logan Muise - Born Jul. 16, 2014, Kitchener, Ontario. Jacob joined their family at 7 days old with the legal adoption finalized in Oct. 2014. Birth mother – Jacqueline Bethany Dawson of Kitchener, born Jan. 24, 1989.





Jacob’s Dedication 2015






                                                         iii.        Tracy Jacqueline Nelson - Born Mar. 30, 1982, Kitchener, Ontario. She married Adrian James Harms on Aug. 26, 2006 in Kitchener, Ontario.  He was born May 11, 1982 in Ontario. Tracy and Adrian divorced in Mar. 2016.


Children of Tracy Nelson and Adrian Harms are:

1.   Ayden Jack Harms - Born May 27, 2008, Kitchener, Ontario.


2.   Tyla Jennelle Harms - Born Jun. 12, 2011, Kitchener, Ontario.











Ayden Harms, Paul Nelson, Tyla Harms














Ayden Harms & Maclean Nelson

Quanz Reunion 2014




















Tyla, Jacob, Greg, Ayden

 - Summer 2015






(2) Children of Paul Nelson and Angela Reid are:

                                                            i.        Robert Scott Nelson - Born Feb. 2, 1987, Kitchener, Ontario.


                                                          ii.        Erik James Nelson - Born Sep. 23, 1988, Kitchener, Ontario.


                                                         iii.        Nicholas Paul Nelson - Born Jan. 31, 1990, Kitchener, Ontario.










Nicholas, Erik & Shirley Nelson















Angela, Robert & Jacob





















Chad, Shirley, Erik














The Nelsons -

Erik, Robert, Angela, Paul, Nicholas











Shirley (Quanz) Nelson Family



c)      Gail Anne Nelson - Born Sep. 28 1957, Kitchener, Ontario. She married Paul Drumond Marshall on May 6, 1989 in Kitchener -  Waterloo, Ontario.  He was born Dec. 11, 1960.

Gail and Paul divorced in 2010.


Children of Gail Nelson and Paul Marshall are:

                                                            i.        Kortnie Anne Louise Marshall - Born Apr. 6, 1990, London, Ontario. She married Alex Morin on Jun. 27, 2015 at Church of the Good Shepherd, Kitchener. Alex was born May. 24, 1989.












Kortnie & Alex Morin's Wedding

June 2015











                                                          ii.        Justin Paul Marshall - Born Jan. 24, 1992, London, Ontario.










Justin Marshall, Gail Nelson, Kortnie Morin








d)     Susan Margaret Nelson - Born Jul. 6, 1961, Kitchener, Ontario. She married Mark Healey Jun. 23, 1984 in Parry Sound, ON.  He was born May 20, 1960.






Robert (Bob) Nelson and Susan (Nelson) Healey

Jun. 23, 1984








Children of Susan Nelson and Mark Healey are:

                                                            i.        Brian Alexander Healey - Born 25 Jul 1986, Kitchener, Ontario. He married Sarah Meghan Cook on Jun. 4, 2011 at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Kitchener, ON. Sarah was born Apr. 24, 1985.


                                                          ii.        Allison Louise Healey - Born Aug. 3, 1988, Kitchener, Ontario.













Susan & Allison Healey












Katie Nelson, Heather Nelson, Susan Healey






Rear: Mark & Susan Healey, Heather & David Nelson, Lorne Quanz, Angela & Paul Nelson

Front: Gail Nelson, Shirley (Quanz) Nelson












Kim Quanz, Shirley Nelson, Lorne

Quanz, Laura Zago






3.     Lorne Wesley Quanz - Born Aug. 7, 1937 in Wallace Township, Ontario. He married Cleila Clark on Jun. 7, 1958. 


Children of Lorne Quanz and Cleila Clark are:

a)     Garvin Lorne Quanz - Born Oct. 17, 1959 in Shelburne, Ontario. He died in Sep 1961 in Shelburne, Ontario.


b)     Kimberly Jane Quanz - Born Feb. 28, 1963 in Brampton, Ontario.


c)      Larry Steven Quanz - Born Oct. 30, 1965 in Walkerton, Ontario. He married Janice Oldham on Sep. 6, 2008.  She was born Jun. 5, 1975 in Sheddon, Ontario. Janice is a doctor, Dr. Janice Marian Oldham, and continues to use her maiden name for professional reasons.


Children of Larry Quanz and Janice Oldham are:

                                                            i.        Thomas James Quanz - Born Jun. 19, 2011, Toronto, Ontario.


                                                          ii.        Colton Joseph Quanz – Born Mar. 7, 2013.











Kim, Janice, Larry, Thomas,

Lorne & Colton Quanz








4.     Daughter (died in infancy) – Un-named. Stillborn 1939.



--- End ---