Chapter 7.1.3

Ervin John Quanz

By Marguerite Bridge


            Ervin John Quanz, third son of John and Caroline Quanz, was born February 6, 1903 on the 14th concession of Carrick Township.  At age 12, the family moved to north half of Lot 17 & 18, concession 5 of Wallace Township, Perth County, where he grew up with his two older brothers, Fredrick Marvin and Harvey Eldon and his only sister, Alvera Marguerite.


            Leta Idona Walter, daughter of John and Mary Walter, was born August 10, 1905, died March 6, 1990 and is buried in Listowel Fairview Cemetery.



Leta Idona Walter

 Born Aug 10, 1905











Leta & Wes Walter at 6th Line Home where Gordon Walter was born.

The doll was from Grandpa Henry Schneider. Leta could never play with it because she had to keep it nice.












Leta and Ervin Quanz Wedding

Sep 29, 1926

L-R: Harry Q, Ervin and Leta, Idona Ruppel Hancock, Rev L Pletsch



















Ervin and Leta Quanz Wedding

 Sep 29, 1926







            Ervin and Leta were married at the home of the bride's parents on September 29, 1926.  They had four children - Marguerite Marie, Donald Ervin, Lena Marlene and Ross Wesley. After their marriage, they farmed on the home farm until 1938 when they purchased parts of lots 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 of Concession 6, Wallace Township.  In 1944, after selling the property on concession 6, they purchased lot 29, concession 7, of Wallace Township. Ervin fell off the barn roof on Nov.21, 1946. He was attempting to clear straw off the roof after threshing. He broke his hip badly and was confined to bed for most of the winter. They continued to farm there until 1966.


Ervin & Leta Quanz Family 











Leta and Ervin Quanz and Family

Back: Donald, Iona, Marguerite, Ross

Front: Leta, Ervin





            For the next four years they lived near Fordwich and Ervin worked at a mink ranch.  In 1970, they moved to a home they had built in Listowel.  Ervin worked several years at Ruppel's Meat Market. 



Ervin & Leta Quanz 2           




Ervin and Leta were members of the Evangelical Church on the 6th Line of Wallace where they attended regularly. In winter they went to church with the horse and cutter and many times everyone was dumped out into the snow bank because of potholes (of snow).  They both sang in the choir for many years and also assisted in many other areas of the church.


                         After moving to Listowel, they attended Calvary United Church. In 1976 they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.





            In 1985, Leta sold their home and moved to Maitland Terrace, a senior's complex in Listowel, where she lived until she passed away.


            During his lifetime, Ervin was a farmer as well as a butcher, and did some barbering.  Ervin was like a cat with nine lives -horses running away, falling off the barn roof and having a broken hip and in bed three months, and a car accident that totaled the new car but came out with a sore chest and shook up. Ervin died of a heart attack August 3, 1981 and is buried in Listowel Fairview Cemetery.


Their children:

            1. Marguerite Marie Quanz

            2. Donald Ervin Quanz

            3. Iona Marlene Quanz

            4. Ross Wesley Quanz



Some Memories of Marguerite (Quanz) Bridge;

The Quanzes and The Walters


            There are many memories I have of both the Quanzes and the Walters during the years from 1936 to 1948. I remember going to visit Grandma and Grandpa Quanz at Aunt Vera and Uncle Elwyn’s where they were living. Grandpa of course was not very mobile because of his accident years before. He was always in the big chair and couldn’t speak very well as a result of that accident. This happened when he was 42 years old. He was cutting wood with a large circular saw blade that shattered. One piece of the blade cut into his head. We didn’t think he would live but he did survive although affected the way he was.


            Mom and Dad would always hitch up the horses in winter and go to Choir practice. Of course after Iona and Ross came along that was more of a problem. When I was old enough to go to Choir and Young People’s Aunt Vera and Uncle Elwyn would take me with them because Mom and Dad weren’t able to go as they had two younger children. My dad (Ervin) and Uncle Fred used to help each other butcher pigs in the winter. Mom (Leta) and Aunt Frona would do the inside work, like clean the casings which the sausage would be put into, and cut up other meat – perhaps to make head-cheese.


            On Grandpa and Grandma (John & Caroline) Quanz’s 50th Anniversary we all got together. Uncle Elwyn took the team and sleigh; we all piled on and went to Listowel to have a family picture taken. I was so excited.


            On July 16, 1949, when Walter and Ruby and Don and I were married, our grandparents weren’t able to attend so we went to the farm to see them which I am sure they enjoyed. Grandpa passed away November 3, 1949. Grandma passed away October 23, 1957.


            Our daughter Susan was born May 18, 1957 and Arden was born March 21, 1955. After Susan was baptized we went to visit Grandma Quanz and had a four generation picture taken which is a real keepsake.

Written by Marguerite Bridge 2016.


The Walter, Schneider, Quanz, and Bender families are all connected.

            During this period of 1936 to 1945 the Walter families had many get-togethers in the evenings. I especially remember stribbling elderberries and getting prepared to make apple butter by cutting up pumpkins to be mixed in with the apples – one bag pumpkin to don’t remember how many bags of apples. Next day they would be taken to the cider mill at Kurtzville to be made into apple butter, some apple juice too.


            We kids were always happy to see our relatives. It would be Uncle Fred’s, Gordon Walter’s, Gordon Bender’s, Bert Bender’s and could be others. One real memory was of Grandpa (John Walter) taking spells, like convulsions. One time Grandma called in the middle of the night and thought Grandpa was dying. We lived two country roads away. My Dad went to the barn and hitched up the horses to the sleigh. Mom got us all out of bed and dressed warmly and we piled in the sleigh with covers over us and away to the farm, across from the church, we went. Well Grandpa survived and lived longer than Grandma (Mary).


            We later moved to the farm on the 6th Line of Wallace, where Dan Walter lived. He later moved away to the Niagara area. Grandpa (John Walter) bought the farm from him and wanted us to move there which we did. A few years later he sold it to my Dad (Ervin Quanz) in 1944. Grandma and Grandpa lived in part of the house until they passed away. Grandma died November 1960 at 85 years of age and Grandpa about two years later in June 1963.

Written by Marguerite Bridge 2016.




Children of Ervin Quanz and Leta Walter are:

1. Marguerite Marie Quanz - Born on May 8, 1929 on the 5th Concession of Wallace Township, Perth County, Ontario. She is the eldest daughter of Ervin John Quanz and Leta Idona Walter. Marguerite attended S. S. No. 6 Wallace Public School.  In her teenage years, she worked at Listowel Hospital and Spinrite Yarns. 


         In 1949 she married Donald Elmer Bridge, 3rd child of Frank and Georgina (McComb) Bridge.  He was born January 2, 1927, on the 1st Concession of Minto Township, Wellington County.  Donald grew up on a farm with four sisters and two brothers.  He attended U. S. S. No. 11, Wallace Township. In his teenage years he worked some for an uncle and in winter cut wood in bushes in the area.  In 1947 he began working in the shipping department of Spinrite Yarns, Listowel, Ontario, where he received 60 cents an hour for 10-hour days.


Don & Marg Bridge (7).jpg 


Marg at about 18 years old.



Don & Marg Bridge (4).jpg 










Don was about 20 years old. They were married two years later.








Marguerite and Donald grew up going to the same church, The Evangelical Church on the 6th line of Wallace Township. They were married in the same Evangelical United Brethren Church, 6th line of Wallace Township in a double ceremony with Marguerite's cousin, Walter Quanz and his bride,  Ruby Bramhill, Donald's cousin, on July 16, 1949.  The officiating minister was Major Everett Pearo of the Salvation Army, an uncle of Donald and Ruby's. 


















Don and Marguerite Bridge

Jul. 16, 2049








Donal & Marguerite Bridge 







Donald and Marguerite continued to be active in the same church although it became part of the United Church of Canada.  After their honeymoon, they resided in Listowel, where they both worked at Spinrite Yarns.


         In May 1950, they bought a 100 acre farm on the 10th Concession, Lot 14, Howick Township where they farmed for four years.  In 1954, they bought a 110-acre farm on Concession 2, Lot 25, Howick Township, where they farmed

 until retiring to Palmerston in 1997.  Donald drove school bus for Howick Central School for 29½ years when it was a school policy that you retire at 65 years.  As a result, he retired December 1991.  Don's favourite hobby was playing guitar and harmonica and singing country and gospel songs with family and friends. Marguerite kept house and after their children, Arden Donald, born March 21, 1955, and Susan Marguerite, born May 18, 1957, were grown up, she worked from 1973 to 1993 at Fordwich Village Nursing Home, when she retired.



Donald & Marguerite Bridge Family 1998


Donald & Marguerite Bridge Family - 1998

Back Row: Don, Erin, John Brown, Penny Schmidt, Arden

Front Row: Travis, Marg, Sue, Stacey, Melissa



         In the spring of 1997 they sold their farm in Howick and moved to their home on Miller Crescent in Palmerston, Ontario. Donald passed away on January 21, 2000 and is buried at 6th Line United Church Cemetery, Wallace Township, Ontario. Marguerite passed away on March 24, 2022 at Royal Terrace, Palmerston, Ontario.



Children of Don and Marguerite Bridge:

a.   Arden Donald Bridge – Born March 21, 1955, in Palmerston General Hospital. He was the son of Marguerite and Donald Bridge. He grew up on the 2nd Concession of Howick Township, Huron County. Arden attended a one-room school for 2 years.  Howick Central School then opened and children were all bused there.  His father, Donald, was driver of his bus.  After grade 8, he attended Norwell District Secondary School in Palmerston. After graduation, he worked at a machinery factory in Elmira, did some carpentry and worked at a hardware store for a short while.  He then had a trucking job at McDonald Steel in Kitchener for several years.  He now is trucking for Home Hardware at St. Jacobs, Ontario.


In June 1977, Arden married Karen Lillian Weber (born September 26, 1956) from Walkerton.  Karen is a professional skater and teaches skating at several clubs.  They lived in Listowel for a Year then moved to Palmerston where they bought a home.  Arden and Karen had two beautiful daughters, Melissa Ann born September 25, 1979 and Stacey Marie born July 20, 1982. Both were born in Listowel Memorial Hospital and both attended schools in Palmerston.  Melissa is attended Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario and is very interested in music, especially piano, of which she has taught.  Sports are of great interest to her and she is a very talented baseball player and coaches younger girls teams.  Stacey attended Norwell District Secondary School and enjoyed playing in the school band and skating very much.  As a result, in April 2000 she moved to Calgary, Alberta where she trained with a partner for Amateur Junior Competitive Dance. In August 2001 Mellisa moved to Calgary to study to be a Physical Therapy Assistant and lived there with her sister Stacey.


Arden and Karen are divorced and for the past 16 years he has lived with his friend, Penny in Kitchener.  Arden is a perfectionist at his carpentry and at keeping cars, truck and whatever shiny and clean and enjoys his trucking very much. Arden inherited his Dad's musical talents and enjoys playing guitar and singing country and gospel songs.  In 1999 he bought a trailer at Klondike Park, south of Grand Bend and is enjoying it greatly.


Children of Arden Bridge and Karen Weber:

                                                            i.        Melissa Bridge


                                                          ii.        Stacey Bridge - Stacey married Colin Reeves May 6, 2008 in Jamaica. They live in Calgary.

Children of Stacey and Colin Reeves:

1.   Maleah Gail Reeves


2.   Everly Karen Reeves


      Arden married Penny Schmidt in 1985.



b.   Susan Marguerite Bridge – Born May 18, 1957 in Palmerston Hospital.  She was the daughter of Marguerite and Donald Bridge. She grew up on the family farm on concession 2, lot 25, Howick Township. Susan's first day of school in November 1963 was at the new Howick Central School where the children were bused with her father being her bus driver.  She attended Norwell District Secondary School in Palmerston from 1971 to 1975.  After graduating she attended Conestoga College where she completed the Nursing Programme and graduated in July 1977.  After a two-week vacation in England with her parents, Susan and a friend motored to St. Petersburg, Florida, and nursed at St. Anthony's Hospital for six months.  Upon return, Sue worked in the town of St. Mary's at the Veterinary Purchasing Company, the Palmerston Town Manor Nursing Home, Homewood Sanatorium in Guelph and the London Psychiatric Hospital.


On Dec. 18, 1982 she married John Wayne Brown of Fordwich.  In June 1983, they bought their first home in Hanover.  Sue worked for the Versa Care Ltd. Nursing Home in Hanover and John worked for Sklar Peppler Furniture.  On July 16 of 1984, their first born, a beautiful baby girl, Erin Kimberly was born.  (A 35th wedding Anniversary gift for Susan's Mom and Dad.) In December of 1985, the family bought a home in Kitchener. Susan worked for Versa Care Nursing Home in Cambridge and John was employed at National Grocers in Kitchener.  On September 25 1987, Sue and John were the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy named Travis John Donald.  In September of 1988, the Brown's decided city life wasn't for them, so it was packing time again and off to Palmerston they went and still remain.  Sue worked a few years in Palmerston at the Nursing Home, but her joy remained in the Hanover facility.  Luckily she was rehired at Versa Care and now is employed full time.  John continued to work at National Grocers for eleven years.  In 1996, he was busy studying and working with his brother at the Ross Dixon Financial Services and income tax services.  In 1998 he decided to go back to Kitchener and presently works at ITRM.


Susan's extracurricular events include involvement with committees at Palmerston United Church, assisting on the board of the Minto Dance Academy, (with which her daughter, Erin, dances), being a hockey Mom with Travis and enjoys coffee and a chat with many friends.  She collects antiques and tins. John also assists with various United Church committees, coaches hockey (Travis's team), coaches a girl's ball team, is an Optimist member and recently joined the Mason's.  He also maintains his status as a die-hard Toronto Maple Leaf fan. John collects Maple Leaf hockey cards (actually Leaf anything). In the summer he enjoys shining his 1965 mustang.


Children of Susan and John Brown:

                                                            i.        Erin Kimberly Brown - Erin is nearing completion of Grade 10 at Norwell District Secondary School.  Her studies are very important to her.  In her spare time she enjoys movies, TV, jazz and shopping.  Some of her goals include visiting her pen pal in England, and some day, California.  This past year she was to France with the Norwell School for nine days and enjoyed it immensely.


                                                          ii.        Travis John Donald Brown - Travis is nearing completion of Grade 7 at Palmerston Public School.  Studies are not high on his list of importance, but he does well anyway.  He enjoys hockey, Nintendo games, drawing and his friends.  This summer he’s going to hockey school for a week.  His goals in life are to be an NHL hockey player or to draw comic strips.



Don passed away on January 21, 2000 after a long battle with cancer.  The funeral was held on Jan. 24 and he was interred at Zion Cemetery, 6th Line of Wallace Township. The following tribute was given by his nephew Kevin Bridge.


Uncle Don Bridge – January 24, 2000

Tribute given by Kevin Bridge at the funeral of Donald Elmer Bridge (1927 – 2000)

at the Zion United Church, 6th Line, Wallace Township, Ontario


My favourite memories of Uncle Don were growing up on the farm and seeing and experiencing the working relationship that my Dad (Graham Bridge) and Don had sharing equipment. This would include many a trip transporting machinery back and forth from Palmerston to Fordwich. As a kid growing up this was great taking the tractor, two or three wagons and taking off to Uncle Don’s. After hooking up and leaving Dad would phone Marg and tell her “Kevin’s on his way”. Up the Townline to the blind road, turn left on the 2nd by Lee’s, west past Dennis Hogg’s, Reid’s, the Grosse’s and waving to whoever you saw outside and I’m sure they all knew it was the Bridges and where I was going. But the most “fearful” part of the journey was looking over my shoulder and seeing Gramps (Frank Bridge) come up from behind – because if he passed me with the ‘62 Chev Biscayne – 3 speeds on the console, I knew the raking job was gone. Pulling into the yard at Don’s, driving past the school bus and past the Ford pickup parked under the apple tree, I would see Don near the garage, greasing a piece of equipment with his bib coveralls on.


Now it didn’t seem to matter when I arrived. Every time Don would have a smile and sometimes a joke to tell. This working together meant we would see my cousins Arden and Susan and that usually included a bit of fun somewhere throughout the day.


One of my first jobs was driving the tractor with the baler and wagons with Don stacking the wagon, avoiding those menacing groundhog holes but most important knowing the signals and what they meant. *** Speed up a little more.


I never forgot the time Gramps was driving the tractor and I was on the wagon with Don. Gramps stopped dead by a groundhog hole and almost put the whole load of hay on top of us. Don looked up to wonder what was going on and by this time Gramps was off kicking hay into the baler that the rake missed. I think words were exchanged.


Or the memories of homemade lemonade that Marg had made for the 3 PM break in the hot sun. Or seeing Don come out of the barn when threshing with straw stuck in his curly hair.

You know, back then we didn’t have subs for lunch. It was usually a hot meal – meat, potatoes, vegetables and homemade pie. Mark did a great job and we always had to be in by 12:30 so Don could hear the CKNX Livestock Report.


But you know the greatest memory was Uncle Don’s love for music. I will always remember the Saturday night jam sessions at our house. People who would be there would be Frank on the saxophone, Don and Lorne Lampkin on guitar and harmonica, Dad on drums, Mom on piano, Uncle Victor on spoons and harmonica and everybody else singing. Ever wonder how many kids, Uncle Victor had? Everyone called him Uncle Victor. These jam sessions would go on in our family room – all playing and singing. We were allowed to stay up until “snack” around 11 PM then had to go to bed. But you know, before I hit the sheets, they would be fired up again. I think they called themselves the “Elastic Band”– for what reason, I still don’t know.


Remember the concerts that took place in the Fordwich Hall that Don and Lorne Lampkin would arrange. People would come out to play, sing, and dance and enjoy food afterwards.


Music was such a big part of Uncle Don’s life. On more than one occasion I would catch him singing away even while stacking the bales on our field excursions. This is a memory we all knew him for. His love for people, farming and music, a big smile, a story, or a joke to tell – these are my favourite memories of Uncle Don. These characteristics we already see in the next generation as a reflection of Uncle Don will always go on.


Kevin Bridge




           i.  Donald Ervin Quanz - Born on Feb. 17, 1933 in Wallace Township, Ontario. A schoolteacher for some time but later worked at the head office of Mutual Life Insurance Company. On September 29, 1956 he married to Eleanor Gertrude Nelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wes Nelson of Gowanstown, in Wallace Township. Eleanor was born on December 16, 1937 in Wallace Township, Ontario. Eleanor possessed a musical talent, and was employed with Ontario Die Company in Waterloo. They resided in Kitchener.


MB-47 - Donald and Eleanor Quanz, girl, Doug Krotz, Howard Bender, Murray Nelson, Helen Nelson, Iona Quanz, Elsie Nelson - Sep 29, 1956.jpg
MB-47 - Donald and Eleanor Quanz, girl, Doug Krotz, Howard Bender, Murray Nelson, Helen Nelson, Iona Quanz, Elsie Nelson - Sep 29, 1956


Donald & Eleanor Quanz 



Donald & Eleanor Quanz



Donald passed away on Apr. 6, 1998 and is buried at the 6th Line United Church Cemetery, Wallace Township, Ontario.



Children of Donald Quanz and Eleanor Nelson are:

·  Stephen Donald Quanz - Born Oct. 15, 1957, Kitchener, Ontario.

·  Jennifer Lynne Quanz - Born Mar. 17, 1961, Kitchener, Ontario.

·  Murray Spencer Quanz - Born Jan. 25, 1969, Kitchener, Ontario.



a.    Stephen Donald Quanz - Born Oct. 15, 1957 in Kitchener, Ontario.  He married Sarah Macgregor Templin on May 27, 1989.  She was born Sep. 8, 1959 in Fergus, Ontario.


Children of Stephen Quanz and Sarah Templin are:

     i.   Meagan Elizabeth Quanz - Born May 1, 1993, Kitchener, Ontario.


     ii.  Samuel Peter Donald Quanz - Born Oct. 7, 1994, Kitchener, Ontario.




b.   Jennifer Lynne Quanz - Born Mar. 17, 1961 in Kitchener, Ontario.  She married Daniel Berry on Dec. 20, 1985 in Kitchener, Ontario.  He was born on Nov. 6, 1956. Daniel taught at Waterloo Oxford Secondary School.


     Children of Jennifer Quanz and Daniel Berry are:

     i.   D'arcy Elizabeth Berry - Born Jul. 19, 1989, Kitchener, Ontario.


     ii.  Gavin Daniel Berry - Born May 12, 1991, Kitchener, Ontario.



c.    Murray Spencer Quanz - Born Jan. 25, 1969 in Kitchener, Ontario.  He married Deborah Gail Addison on Oct. 2, 1995 in Kitchener, Ontario.  She was born Dec. 5, 1968.


     Children of Murray Quanz and Deborah Addison are:

     i.   Ryan Addison Quanz - b. Oct. 10, 1998, Kitchener, Ontario.


     ii.  Andrew Donald Quanz - b. Jun. 25, 1999, Hamilton, Ontario.



Donald & Eleanor Quanz Family 1997


Donald & Eleanor Quanz Family - 1997

Back Row: Murray, Stephen, Sarah, Daniel Berry

Middle Row: Baby Ryan, Deborah, Jennifer

Front Row: Samuel, Eleanor, Darcy, Don, Megan, Gavin



3.   Iona Marlene Quanz - Born March 11, 1939, on Con 6 of Wallace Township.

By Iona Johnston


Iona Marlene Quanz, third child of Ervin and Leta (Walter) Quanz, Iona attended S.S. No. 7 Wallace Public School and then Norwell District Secondary School in Palmerston. Following graduation in 1956, Iona was employed at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in Kitchener.


Iona and John Douglas Johnston were married on July 16, 1960, at the 6th Line Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church, Wallace Township. Doug, the youngest son of Huston and Edith Johnston, was born on January 8, 1934 in Maryborough Township.




Doug Johnston and Iona Marlene Quanz Wedding - Jul 16, 1960

L-R: Doug and Iona Johnston, Wally Johnston, Marguerite Bridge, Susan Bridge, Ross Quanz,

Lois Johnston, Don, Marie Karges, Doug Youngblut, Mary Grace Hunt - MB-48



After their wedding, Doug and Iona farmed on Concession 1 of Elma Township until 1991 and then moved to their residence on the outskirts of Listowel. They had no children.










Iona and Doug Johnston










4.            Ross Wesley Quanz - Born February 5, 1942, on Con 6 Wallace Twp.  By Ross and Karen Quanz


Ross was the fourth child of Ervin and Leta Quanz. He attended S.S. No. 7 Wallace Public School and Norwell District Secondary School in Palmerston. He also spent four years in the 4H Club. After finishing school he worked at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Listowel.


Ross married Karen Ethel Porterfield of Listowel on September 9, 1961. Karen was born on December 29, 1942. They moved to Elmwood in 1962, where Ross worked for the Co-op (Farmer's Co-operative) in Sales and Accounting. Five years later they moved to Mildmay where he worked at the Co-op as Branch Accountant. In 1982 they moved to Port Elgin where Ross was the Manager of the Co-op. In 1992 he accepted a Sales Manager position at Bluewater Agromart, near Kincardine, until the fall of 2001, when he decided to take early retirement.


During the moving years, Karen worked at Eatons in Hanover, owned and operated a Stedman's type store in Mildmay, then worked in the retail business at the Pioneer Bakery and Lovat's Gift and Stationary in Port Elgin, until the fall of 2001.


Ross and Karen had three children; Ross "Jeffery" born February 24, 1963, Valerie Lynn born November 19, 1964, and Chadwick Ervin born May 24, 1973.


Ross and Karen were active in the churches and the communities where they lived, serving in many different positions. They still enjoy lots of special events but are slowing down as they start to enjoy their retirement years, now living in Kingston, and trying to spend some time at they winter home in Thonotosassa, Florida.




Ross & Karen Quanz Family 1997


Ross & Karen Quanz Family - 1997

Back Row: Valerie, Brad Beaver, Tanya, Chad Quanz, Lisa, Jeff Quanz

Middle Row: Todd, Kaitlin Beaver,

Front Row: Ross, Eric, Alexandra, Karen



Children of Ross Quanz and Karen Porterfield are:

a.   Ross "Jeffery" Quanz - Born February 24, 1963 in Hanover Hospital, son of Ross and Karen Quanz. Jeff attended the Mildmay Public School, Walkerton District and Saugeen District Secondary School in Port Elgin. He enjoyed sports and became a lifeguard at the Port Elgin Pool.


In 1981, Jeff joined the Canadian Armed Forces. He got to see many different countries during his 10 years in the Army. Some of the countries he served in were Egypt, Cyprus, and Germany.


Jeff met Lisa Martin while stationed in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. They were married on November 7, 1987 in Victoria. Lisa Marie was born on November 25, 1964. In 1989 they moved to the army base in Kingston, Ontario. Jeff was a Sergeant when he left the army.


Still living in Kingston, Jeff now is a Financial Planning, working with the Canwealth Investments. Lisa works for the province's Continue Care Centre, Mental Health Services as a Rehab Councilor.


Jeff and Lisa have two children, Alexandra Elizabeth born September 13, 1990 and Eric Ross was born September 5, 1993. Both were born in Kingston, Ontario. Jeff has also been the president of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Kingston Chapter.


Jeff and his partner Carol Conway live in Odessa near Kingston, Ontario.



b.   Valerie Lynn Quanz - Born November 19, 1964, at the Hanover Hospital, daughter of Ross and Karen Quanz. Valerie attended the Mildmay Public School and the Walkerton District and Saugeen District Secondary Schools. Valerie became a lifeguard at the Port Elgin Pool. Then Valerie attended Humber College in Toronto and after graduation she worked with the Mississauga Community Living Association.


While skydiving near Arthur, Valerie met Bradley Beaver. They were married at the Port Elgin United Church on December 19, 1986. Bradley was born on September 28, 1961. Brad worked at Pearson International Airport in Toronto as a radar technician. They lived in Mississauga.


In 1987 they moved to North Bay. Valerie was a Supervisor for the North Bay Community Living Association and is now in Real Estate and Brad Beaver is a Technical Supervisor at the North Bay Airport. Valerie and Brad have a daughter, Kaitlin Anne born January 7, 1988 in North Bay.


They both enjoy sporting activities especially curling. When time permits Valerie teaches creative memory scrapbooking.



c.    Chadwick Ervin Quanz - Born May 23, 1973 at the Walkerton Hospital, son of Ross and Karen Quanz. Chad attended the Mildmay and North Port Public Schools and the Saugeen District Secondary School in Port Elgin. Chad then attended Laurentian University in Sudbury. While attending school in Port Elgin, Chad was quite active in sports. He especially enjoyed playing tennis, hockey and the last few years as a member of the coed cheerleading team. He also worked part-time at the Co-op Gas Bar.


After graduation at Laurentian, Chad started employment at the North Bay Community Living Association. Chad is a behavioural therapist for the association.


On December 5, 1998 Chad married Tanya Hills at the Port Elgin United Church. Tanya was born April 11, 1974. Tanya also attended Saugeen District Secondary School and graduated from Laurentian University. She is also employed with the North Bay Community Living Association.


        They lived in Port Elgin and both enjoy outdoor activities.


- End -