Chapter 7.1.4

Alvera Marguerite (Quanz) Krotz


Alvera Quanz was born October 13, 1906 on the 14th Concession of Carrick Township. On September 21, 1932 she married Elwyn Krotz. Elwyn was born April 14th, 1907. Alvera died January 30, 1967. Elwyn died June 3rd, 1992.

Both are buried in the 6th Line Wallace Township (Zion) Cemetery.











Elwyn and Vera Krotz





In 1914, John Quanz and his family from Carrick Township purchased the farm at Concession 5, Lots 17 & 18 (north one-half section) of Wallace Township from Simon Heinmiller. The Quanz family had three sons and one daughter. By the time the depression hit in the late 1920s the Quanz family had the farm paid for and was living quite comfortably. However, after the depression the home farm was carrying a substantial mortgage in an effort to help the sons hang on to farms while maintaining the home farm.


In the spring of 1938 John Quanz's daughter, Vera, and her husband, Elwyn Krotz, left their store in Harriston and came to the home farm with their young son, Douglas. Elwyn and Vera took over the farm and the mortgage; raised two more sons, Gerald and Bernard; and provided a home for the grandparents for their remaining years.














Elwyn & Vera Krotz - Gerald & Doug















In 1959, Douglas Krotz, the oldest of the three boys, married Marlene Reid and began farming in partnership with his parents. Douglas and Marlene bought the farm in 1960 and raised five children, Allan, Donna, Michael Nickolas and Lisa. John Quanz, Elwyn Krotz and Douglas Krotz all raised three sons on the family farm. In 1984, Douglas sold the farm to David Martin and Verda (Martin) Martin.


Children of Alvera Quanz and Elwyn Krotz are:

1.     John Douglas Krotz - Born Jul. 10, 1936 in Wallace Township, Ontario, Canada. He married Marlene Anne Reid Mar.28, 1959 in Listowel, Ontario. She was born Aug. 12, 1941.














Aunt Vera Krotz,

Douglas and Gerald













Children of John Krotz and Marlene Reid are:

a.     Elwyn "Allan" Krotz was born Feb. 15, 1960 in Wallace Township, Ontario. He married Cheryl Kathryn Rock Jul. 10, 1982 in Elma Township, Ontario. She was born Sep. 7, 1963 in Listowel, Ontario.


Children of Elwyn Krotz and Cheryl Rock are:

                                                                             i.      Nolan Benton Ryan Krotz - Born Jan. 23, 1984, Listowel, Ontario.

                                                                           ii.      Jenna Nicole Jacklyn Krotz - Born Oct. 24, 1985, Listowel, Ontario. She married Steve Morris, Sep. 10, 2011, Woodstock, Ontario. Steve was born Jul. 29, 1982.

Child of Jenna Krotz and Steve Morris is;

1.   Olivia Jennevieve Morris Born January 29, 2014.

                                                                          iii.      Kelby Shenise Devona Krotz - Born Apr. 20, 1991, London, Ontario.



b.    Donna Marlene Krotz - Born Sep. 23, 1962, Wallace Township, Ontario, Canada; married Kirk McMillan, Sep. 25, 1982.



c.     Michael Douglas Krotz - Born Apr. 19, 1966 in Wallace Township, Ontario. He married Karen Lynn Rosenberger on Jun. 20, 1992 in Breslau Missionary Church, Breslau, Ontario, daughter of Wayne Rosenberger and Marilyn Crowder. She was born Mar. 26, 1971 in Kitchener, Ontario.


Children of Michael Krotz and Karen Rosenberger are:

                                                                              i.      Jessica Holly Krotz - Born Aug. 7, 1993, in Kitchener, Ontario. She married Timothy James Chatson Jul. 20, 2013 in Hanover Missionary Church, Hanover, ON. He was born Sep. 15, 1991 in Belleville, ON.

Child of Jessica Krotz and Tim Chatson is:

1.     Aayla Melody Chatson - Born May 2, 2014, Grand River Hospital, Kitchener, ON.


                                                                            ii.      Quinn Alexander Krotz - Born May 11, 1995, Palmerston, Ontario.

                                                                           iii.      Mackenzie Aaron Krotz - Born Jun. 10, 1997, Kitchener, Ontario.

                                                                           iv.      Emily Grace Krotz - Born Nov. 21, 1999, Kitchener, Ontario.




d.    Nicholas John Krotz - Born May 3, 1968 in Wallace Township, Ontario, Canada. He married Christine Anne Shields Jul. 24, 1993. She was born Oct. 12, 1968 in Port Hope, Ontario.

Children of Nicholas Krotz and Christine Shields are:

                                                                              i.      Jillian Grace Krotz - Born Nov. 5, 1998, Peterborough, Ontario.

                                                                            ii.      Abbigail Eve Krotz - Born Sep. 22, 2000, Peterborough, Ontario.

                                                                           iii.      Taggart John Krotz - Born Jul. 5, 2002, Peterborough, Ontario.



e.     Lisa Margaret Krotz - Born Aug. 12, 1969 in K-W Hospital, Kitchener, Ontario. She met Paul Gerber. He was born May 26, 1962 in St. Mary's Hospital, Kitchener, Ontario.

Child of Lisa Krotz and Paul Gerber is:

                                                                              i.      Shayne Jacob Gerber - Born Feb. 2, 2001 at Groves Memorial Hospital, Fergus, Ontario.



2.     Gerald Gordon Krotz was born Apr. 4, 1939 in Wallace Township, Ontario, Canada. He married Shirley Marcinek on Aug. 22, 1970 in British Columbia. She was born Dec. 10, 1946.















Douglas & Gerald Krotz









Children of Gerald Krotz and Shirley Marcinek are:

a.     Heather Tracey Krotz - Born Jul. 29, 1973, Pemberton, British Columbia.


b.    Darren Wade Krotz - Born Jan. 27, 1976, Pemberton, British Columbia. He married Jennifer Lansing Dec. 1, 2001 in Bracebridge, ON. She was born Dec. 31, 1974.

Child of Darren Krotz and Jennifer Lansing is:

                                                                              i.      Logan Jacob Walter Krotz - Born May 28, 2004, Creston, BC.




3.     Bernard Wayne Krotz - Born Aug. 21, 1946, Wallace Township, Ontario. He married Linda Mitchell, Jun. 6, 1970, Rothsay, Ontario. Linda was born on Jan. 5, 1948.







Photo Gallery


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Gerry Krotz, Shirley, Tracy & Darren





K-004 - Gerry Krotz 1.jpg











Vera, Gerry, Tracy, Shirley, Darren, Krotz












K-006 - Gerry Krotz 4.jpg












Gerry, Shirley, Elwyn Krotz






















Gerry and Shirley Krotz









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