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Johann Adam Quanz


Johann "Adam" Quanz was born August 14, 1831 in Buchenau, KurHessen, Germany, and died September 28, 1906 in his son John's home in Syracuse, Kansas, USA.  He married Elizabeth Kincaid on March 22, 1852 in Mount Vernon, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA.



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Adam Quanz & Elizabeth Kincaid

  Author: George Welch,  Date: 6 Dec 2002 8:22 PM GMT 

  Surnames: Kincaid, Quanz

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Does anyone have any information on Adam Quanz, b. 8/14/1831, his children, etc? Does anyone have information on Elizabeth Kincaid, b. 12/20/1828. They were married 3/22/1852, and I believe they lived some of their later years in Phillips County.



Re: Adam Quanz & Elizabeth Kincaid

  Author: John Hoffman,  Date: 6 Dec 2002 10:15 PM GMT 

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Adam Quanz is buried in the Marvin Cemetery. At first I checked the Fairview Cemetery in Phillipsburg and there were only three listed then I remembered that there was a grain elevator, at one time called "Quanz Grain Co." in Glade, KS a small town 5 miles south of Phillipsburg. There are 14 Quanz's buried there including your Adam, and Quanz, Elizabeth, w-o Adam Quanz b Dec 20, 1828, d. Jan 20, 1898. Adam's dates are b. Dec 20, 1828 d. Sept 28, 1906. The other Quanz names are: Charles Wade, Emma Alice, Herbert Eugene, Ada Chester, Edward, Mary E., J.W.A., Gary Allen, Donald Duane, Nelie, and Perl. The 3 Quanz's buried at Phillipsburg Cemetery (Fairview) are Albert, V. Anna Mae, and Dean. The cemetery at Glade is called Marvin after the first name of the town of Glade. I live in Phillips County Kansas. Hope this has been some help to you. John


Re: Adam Quanz & Elizabeth Kincaid

  Author: George Welch  Date: 7 Dec 2002 2:35 PM GMT 

  Surnames: Quanz & Kincaid

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  In Reply to: Re: Adam Quanz & Elizabeth Kincaid by: John Hoffman

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John: Thanks for the information. It adds a lot to what I have been able to find. The one piece I am missing is the connection between Elizabeth Quanz and the Kincaids of Phillips County. I would like to know who her parents were and her siblings. Thanks again John. I really appreciate it.




From Billey Quanz Force - Sep. 12, 1986

        Johan "Adam" Quanz (my great-grandfather) and his older brother John came to America in 1847 from Buchanau (Buchenau?) in Kurhessen, Germany. One brother, Adam, kept the German spelling of his last name. The other accepted the American version (John Quantz or Quince). They left their homeland because of religious issues and settled in New Jersey.

        Adam and his brother John were the only ones in their family to come to America. It is told their mother watched them leave and waved to them as long as she could see them, but that was her last sight of them, as they never ever returned to the land of their birth.

In New Jersey, Adam met and married Elizabeth Kincaid at Vernon, Sussex, E. G. on March 22, 1852. Four children were born in New Jersey.

        In 1881, the family moved to Marvin, Kansas. Adam's wife, Elizabeth, died January 20, 1898. In 1906, Adam moved to Syracuse, Kansas to live with his son john Adam and wife Emma. He died September 28, 1906 and is buried beside his wife in the Marvin Cemetery in Glade, Kansas.




Ilon Mae Thompson provided this translation of Adam’s passport information and provided his Obituary as follows.



Passport Number: 248

Valid for one year.


All civil and military authorities are requested to let the here described day-laborer

Johann Adam Quanz

Born in: Buchenau

Living at: Buchenau


travel from here to Munden in the kingdom of Hannover on wages free and unhindered and let him travel back, to give him protection and support. Hfmfeld, 31, March (1) 1847

The electoral police direction District Secretary: Pfeiffen


Personal description:

Age: 15 years

Height: 4 feet 11 (zoll) inch,                                    Hair: blond

Forehead: ordinary              Eyebrows: blond       Eyes: brown

Nose: average

Mouth: average

Teeth: good / look well      Beard: blond              Chin: round                 Face: oval

Ruddy: healthy                      Stature: small

Distinguishing marks: pockmarked 


Back of Passport Document

(stamp, local government Buchenau)


The owner (of this paper?) sets out on his trip not before today. Buchenau, 7th April, 1847. Good (?) with the steamship to Bremerhafen Munden, 11th of April 1840 seven (?).


Stamp of the town of Minden




Obituary for Adam Quanz of Kansas


Adam Quanz was born in Buchenan, Kurhessen, Germany, on August 14th., 1831. He came to America with his brother John in 1846. They located in Vernon N.J. On March 22nd., 1862 he was married to Elizabeth Kincaid, in 1860 they settled in Richwood Ohio, there they resided unti11881. In that year they moved to Marvin, this state, (now Glade, Kansas.) where he lived until the 2nd of May, this year, on that day he came to Syracuse and made his home with his youngest son John A. Quanz. living on the Michener place two miles north of town. Until his Savior called him to his heavenly home.


There were twelve children born to Mr. and Mrs. Quanz, five died in infancy, one 18 years ago, six still survive them~ three Sons and three daughters, one daughter lives in Ohio, and three sons and two daughters live in Kansas.


Grandpa Quanz " as he was familiarly known and his wife were converted and united with the Methodist Episcopal church in 1856. They lived together devoted christian lives until God called the beloved wife and companion home to glory in the year 1898. Brother Quanz had been afflicted for many years, but bore his sufferings with wonderful fortitude and patience His sweet and humble christian life was a benediction in the home and to all who were privileged to know him.


For twenty five years he was a class leader in the Methodist church, a Sunday School teacher and Epworth League worker. He was for many years superintendent of the House Department of his Sunday School, he was also an ardent prohibitionist and among the foremost of those who love righteousness and hate iniquity. To this dear Saint of God death had no terrors, he knew and felt his sins forgiven through faith in Jesus' blood, and his acceptance with his heavenly Father. He just patiently waited for the summons to come up higher, and that summons came at 9 o'clock on the morning of September 28th, 1906. His loved ones and a few friends were at his bedside as the spirit of the Christian Warrior took its flight far beyond the starry sky.


Owing to Grandpa Quanz' s wonderful vitality the final strupple was long and painful, but peace, sweet peace filled his heart, and the longing to be gone to his heavenly home was evident to the last, his departure was almost triumphant one because his faith was firmly fixed on the Rock of Ages.


The deceased was 75 years 1 month 14 days old, and a good ripe age it was, a half century of it was joyfully spent in the Service of King Emmanuel whom he loved so well.


A simple funeral service was held at the home by Rev. T. A. Brunker pastor of the Methodist church, this city, (Syracuse, Kansas) associated by friends who sang the favorite hymns that had given infinite comfort to the aged pilgrim.


The body was taken on the Santa Fe ~ the son John A. Quanz to the Marvin Cemetery in Glade, Kansas for burial alongside of the beloved wife and companion who preceded him a few years.

Farewell. Veteran of the Cross,

The warfare has ended for you,

The laurels of victory shall adorn your brow,

When Jesus comes to reward his servants.




We desire to heartily thank our many friends who have shown their sympathy and love during our sad bereavement in the death of our dear father.


J. A. Quanz

Addie Quanz

Hattie Quanz


Copied by Velma Eller 4-20-1971 from original on sheet of the Hamilton

Co. Republican, Syracuse, Ks. Fri. 10-5-1906 (County paper)




Obituary for Elizabeth Kincaid

This quiet community was thoroughly aroused last Thursday afternoon when the news was given and hastily carried about that Mother Quanz is dead as had not been sick, but on the contrary had seemed in rather an unusually happy mood during the morning, and had been working the weekly wash. At noon all seemed as usual, and the men folks hurried off to their work. Father Quanz returned about 4 o’clock, and noticing that the wash was not finished, and not finding his wife about, began the search and presently found her under the clothes line. A few pieces had been pinned on the line, and a garment was in her hand when she had apparently been in the act of reaching up to pin on the line when the stroke came, and she fell over backwards and expired without a struggle. Although weakened by disease, Father Quanz carried her into the house, and after vain efforts to revive her, gave the alarm. Medical aid was summoned at once, but all efforts to resuscitate her were futile.





                      i.     ANNA MARY2 QUANZ, b. February 19, 1853, Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA; d. October 14, 1935, Ohio, USA; m. WESLEY MOORE, 1875, Marysville, Ohio, USA.

                     ii.     CHARLES WADE QUANZ, b. May 24, 1855, Mount Vernon, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA; d. December 1, 1934, Phillipsburg, Phillips County, Kansas, USA; m. EMMA ALICE SNARES, December 24, 1879, Richwood, Ohio, USA.

                    iii.     MARIA ELIZABETH QUANZ, b. October 11, 1856, Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA; d. January 16, 1921, Haxtum, Colarado, USA; m. JOHNATHAN DUDLEY GIBBS.

                    iv.     MARGET EMLY QUANZ, b. April 22, 1859, Hardistan, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA; d. May 5, 1889, Piliipsburg, Phillips County, Kansas, USA; m. NICHOLAS TAYLOR.

                     v.     ELLENORY QUANZ, b. February 21, 1861, Clairborn, Union County, Ohio, USA; d. July 18, 1862, Union County, Ohio, USA.

                    vi.     HARRIET (HATTIE) EVA QUANZ, b. September 26, 1862, Jackson, Union County, Ohio, USA; d. Erie, Kansas, USA; m. WATSON.

                   vii.     ALBERT QUANZ, b. May 14, 1864, Clairborn, Union County, Ohio, USA; d. August 4, 1864, Clairborn, Union County, Ohio, USA.

                  viii.     ALFERD QUANZ, b. May 14, 1864, Clairborn, Union County, Ohio, USA; d. August 15, 1864, Clairborn, Union County, Ohio, USA.

                    ix.     EDWARD QUANZ, b. July 27, 1865, Clairborn, Union County, Ohio, USA; d. October 1, 1937, Buried at Marvin Cemetery, Glade, Kansas, USA; m. MARY EMALINE MAXFIELD, April 12, 1885.

                     x.     EMORY QUANZ, b. August 16, 1868, Jackson, Union County, Ohio, USA; d. December 24, 1868.

                    xi.     JOHN ADAM QUANZ1,2, b. July 19, 1869, Jackson, Union County, Ohio, USA; d. December 12, 1951, Buried at IOOF Cemetery, Watonga, Oklahoma, USA; m. ADDIE EMELINE HATFIELD3,4, December 24, 1903, Boone, Boone County, Watonga, Oklahoma, USA.




Additional Information

Some additional information on this line:

Patrons Reference Directory

Taken From Atlas of Phillips County Kansas

Compiled and Published by Publishers & Engravers, Chicago, Il



EXPLANATION; The date following a name indicates the length of time party has been a resident in the county. Abbreviations are as follows: S. for Section; T. for Township; P.O. for Post Office address. When no Section Number or Township is given, it will be understood that the party resides within the limits of the village or city named, and in such cases, the post office address is the same as the place of residence, unless otherwise stated.


Phillips County Kansas Surnames

1917 Atlas


QUANZ, C.W., Farming, General Store, Glade

          QUANZ, Ed., Farmer, S. 5, T. Bow Creek, P.O. Glade


Kansas Directory - Phillipsburg

               Quanz Floral - Greenhouse, 499 2nd St, 67661, 785-543-2161 / 800-297-2161


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