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Klemens Quanz

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Descendants of Klemens** Quanz

 Generation No. 1

1. KLEMENS**1 QUANZ was born WFT Est. 1649-1681 in - - 16 is all I have, and this is probably wrong, and died WFT Est. 1706-1768. He married MARIA** EVA BRAMBACH May 1701 in St. Emmerans Parish, Mainz, Germany.

Notes for KLEMENS** QUANZ:

He is listed as the father of Franz Friedrich Quanz, who I believe, but am not absolutely sure was the father of Franz Quanz, as it is possible that Franz and Franz Friedrich are the same person. The dates seem right for this possibility - conjecture is mine -He is a direct ancestor. All information on him came from the City Archives in Mainz, Germany in 1989 MMK was told by the archivist that the family does not go back any farther in their records and presumably, they came to Mainz from some other place before this person arrived in Mainz. He could not have been born in 1716 and married in 1701. Some date is not correct. 1616 doesn't work or he would have been 85 when married! His birth date could have been 1676 - the 76 could have looked like 16 in old records that are fading. MORE RESEARCH NEEDS TO BE DONE ON THIS. That would have made him 25 at marriage - more logical.


††††††††††† Facts about this person:

††††††††††† Christening 1716

††††††††††† On the 16 is legible in the records - birth date

††††††††††† Burial May 1701

††††††††††† Married - St. Emmerans Parish, Mainz, Germany

††††††††††† This information was published on in Family file Klemens Quanz v57t1889.FTW.

††††††††††† More About KLEMENS** QUANZ:

††††††††††† Fact 1: See Note Page


††††††††††††††††††††††† Child of KLEMENS** QUANZ and MARIA** BRAMBACH is:

2.†††††††† i.††††††††† FRANZ** FRIEDRICH2 QUANZ, b. WFT Est. 1695-1724, St. Emmerans, Mainz, Germany; d. WFT Est. 1749-1809.


Generation No. 2

2. FRANZ** FRIEDRICH2 QUANZ (KLEMENS**1) was born WFT Est. 1695-1724 in St. Emmerans, Mainz, Germany, and died WFT Est. 1749-1809. He married MARGARETHA** BREIDENBACH May 29, 1744 in Parish of St. Quintin, Mainz, Germany.


Quanz was sometimes spelled Quantz. In Mainz Cty Archives, MMK was told Franz QUANZ and Franz Friedrich QUANZ could be the same person. He is a direct ancestor. His occupation is listed in the Mainz city archives as: Civilian and Bender. Apparently not all of the population in those days born in Germany were automatically considered civilians. To be a civilian meant that he was at a higher status level than most, that he had a financial background, and that he had more responsibility ( and I think that he could vote, whereas non civilians could not - though I'm not sure of this - MMK's note) A bender makes barrels. It would seem, in light of the above, that he probably owned a barrel making business and hired others. There was a QUANZ, Franz Friedrich, born 5 October 1718 in St. Emmerans. I do not know if this is the same person as the above Franz Quanz. Nothing more was listed for this one, except that his father was QUANZ, Klemens - married in May, 1701 to BRAMBACH, Maria Eva.



No middle name was given in the records in Mainz. She is a direct ancestor. She was a widow at the time of this marriage, and would have been 26 years old at this marriage. It is conjectured by MMK, who got the data about her in Mainz, Germany at the city archives, that she may be the person who was related to the Archbishop of Mainz - whose hyphenated name was Joseph Emmerich Burresheim-Breitbach, also listed as Breidenbach. Since her children by this marriage would be direct descendants of Anna Margaretha Schwarz, and she was the great niece of an Archbishop of Mainz. How Margaretha Breidenbach, if she was the Archbishop's relative was related we don't yet know. She could have been his mother (look up his birth date) or a niece.



3.†††††††† i.††††††††† GEORG** JOHANN3 QUANZ, b. May 05, 1745, Parish of St. Quintin, Mainz, Germany; d. February 24, 1794, Parish of St. Quintin, Mainz, Germany.


Generation No. 3

3. GEORG** JOHANN3 QUANZ (FRANZ** FRIEDRICH2, KLEMENS**1) was born May 05, 1745 in Parish of St. Quintin, Mainz, Germany, and died February 24, 1794 in Parish of St. Quintin, Mainz, Germany. He married JULIANNA** MITTENMAYER November 21, 1774 in Parish of St. Quintin, Mainz, Germany.


In the city Archives of Mainz, Germany, Georg's last name is spelled Quantz.

His birth date and place, marriage date and place are from the City Archives in Mainz, Germany. His death date and place are from MJC (QUANZ) SCHWARZ.



Julianna's name is listed as MITTELMAYER in the Mainz City Archives, but as MITTENMAYER by JMC (QUANZ) SCHWARZ. She also gave her death date.



††††††††††† i.††††††††† JACOB**4 QUANZ, b. February 08, 1779, Mainz, Germany - (see notes); d. December 04, 1835, Mainz, Germany; m. CHRISTINA** JOSEPHA LEIDEN, February 15, 1809, Parish of St. Quintin, Mainz, Germany.

Notes for JACOB** QUANZ:

His name has also been listed as QUANTZ. He is a direct ancestor.

He was 30 years old when he was married, or 28, according to the Mainz

City Archives, which states he was born in 1781. According to MJC (QUANZ) SCHWARZ, he was born in 1779. If he died at age 56, she is correct and the Archives are in error.

Did these two go to live with Apollonia and Johann KONIG in Mainz in

their "old" age? See note about Valentina QUANZ.

His death date is by MJC (QUANZ) SCHWARZ .

His age at death was 56 by MJC (QUANZ) SCHWARZ'S information, but was 54

by information from the Mainz City Archives. (see birth dates)


Facts about this person:

Christening February 08, 1780/81

Born -Mainz, Germany

Burial February 15, 1808/09

Married - LEIDEN, Christina Josepha

Baptism December 04, 1835




More About JACOB** QUANZ:

Fact 1: See Note Page


She is a direct ancestor. Her mother was Apolonia (KARLIN) LEIDEN and

her father was Franz LEIDEN, Burgomeister of Niederrolm, Germany. It is unclear as to whether she was born in Niederrolm, Germany or Mainz. The City Archives of Mainz indicates she was born in Mainz, Germany, but since she lived in Niederrolm before her marriage, she may have been born there.

She was 22 years old when she was married Jacob QUANZ.

Christina Josepha (LEIDEN) QUANZ was the mother of Maria Josepha

Christina QUANZ, and was 42 years old when Maria Johepha Christina QUANZ

was born; Maria was her last child to be born.

Information about her was obtained from records by Maria Josepha

Christina SCHWARZ and given to her daughter, Anna Margaretha (SCHWARZ)

KERTH after she was married, as she was going to live in the United

States, and her mother did not want her to forget who her family were for

several generations. She copied the information from a large family

genealogy in book form, which ultimately became lost. It is believed the

book went to Aunt Katie ( a sister of A.M.(SCHWARZ) KERTH) and was

somehow lost. Other information was obtained from the City Archives in

Mainz, Germany, when Margaret (MANSLEY) KRANICH visited that city.

The name LEIDEN suggests that the family, back in history, may have come

from that city in Holland, as families often received their surnames from

the cities of their birth, but no proof has ever been found to support


She was 52 years old when she died, according to the Mainz City

Archives. Poor thing, she was all worn out from having and raising

babies! According to the Mainz City Archives, she had 11 children.

An aunt of hers was the mother of relatives, by the name of Beck, who were living in America (information from MJC (QUANZ) SCHWARZ in a letter to her daughter, Anna Margaretha (SCHWARZ) KERTH.

Facts about this person:

Christening January 15, 1786/87

Probably in Neiderolm - lived there prior to marriage.

Burial February 15, 1808/09

Parish of St. Quintin, Mainz, Germany (Mainz archives)

Baptism February 17, 1838/39

Died - in Mainz, Germany, at age 22

Confirmation February 15, 1808/09

Married - at age 22; place unknown




Fact 1: See Note Page


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