Chapter 28.0

Heinrich Quanz


Quanzs immigrated to the New World between the 19th and early 20th centuries.


The first Quanz found by the Halbertís / Burkeís Peerage organization, came to New York City in 1864. His name was Heinr. Like thousands of others, be sought a better life for himself in this land of opportunity.


We also have a record that Heinrich Quanz, age 24, from Schlottau, Germany came over on the Hansa (ship) arrived on Oct. 10 1864. Would that location be Schlotzau, in Germany? This is where the Adam Echardt Quanz line came from.


Heinr Quanz and Family

Heinr (Heinz) Quanz

Information is from:

The New World Book of Quanzs

Halbertís / Burkeís Peerage :


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