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Buttonville – St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery

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This is the Lutheran Cemetery in Buttonville where Melchior Quantz and his immediate family are buried.



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It is located at 9171 Woodbine Avenue in Markham, Ontario north of Highway 7.

St. John’s Lutheran Church was founded in 1892.








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The cemetery is relatively small and clearly old. Many of the older gravestones are made of soft stone and are becoming difficult to read.  Melchior’s family grave stones are those in the row fathest back in this picture on the left (noth) side of the cemetery.





Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_110151 (640x480).jpg


More Quantz graves are found as we look to the right.





Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_104708 (640x480).jpg





Melchior’s grave is on the left.




Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_104734 (480x640).jpg


Both Melchior’s and Christina’s names have been angelosized on their gravestones. Melchior Quantz’s grave is shown as Michael Quantz.


Michael Quantz


Feb. 20, 1827

Aged 77 Years, 5 months





Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_104749 (480x640).jpg



Christina’s name is written as Christine.


Wife Of

Michael Quantz


Died Feb. 20, 1820

Aged 77 Years, 5 months, & 5 Days






Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_104849 (480x640).jpg



Daughter of

Frederick & Elizabeth



Died Aug. 8 or 12, 1822

E: 8 Months & 26 Days







Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_104819 (480x640).jpg





Daughter of

Frederick & Elizabeth



Died Jan. 8, 1835

Aged: 9 Years, 10 Months & 2 Days







Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105014 (640x480).jpgGeorge and Mary Quance

There is one family buried in St. John’s Cemetery whose name is spelled Quance. How devastating it must have been to lose seven children.


The connection with

George and Mary Quance

is not known at this time. It would seem that these children could be from George and Mary Charlote Quantz, George being the son of Frederick and Elizabeth Quantz. The time-frames do fit gaps in the children we have recorded in the database.

Does anyone have any confirmation of this?







Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105029 (480x640).jpg

Julia Ann

Daughter of

George & Mary C.


Died: Nov. 11, 1839

Aged: 25 Days


Happy infant rarely blest

Rest in peaceful slumber rest

Surely rescued from the cares

Which increases with growing years


Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105039 (480x640).jpg



Charlotte Jane

Daughter of

George & Mary C.



Died: Jan. 20, 1841

Aged: 7 months

I no smiling pleasure know

I no gay delights could [?????]

Joyless [rest not readable]




Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105052 (480x640).jpg

Mary Elizabeth

Daughter of

George & Mary C.


Died: Aug. 27, 1847

Aged: 11 Years


Farewell my dear parents

The Lord bids me come.

Farewell my dear sisters

I’m now going home.



Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105108 (480x640).jpg


Loisa Ann

Daughter of

George & Mary C.


Died: April 30, 1849

Aged: 6 Years & 6 Months


To the dark and silent tomb

Soon I [??????] from the world

Scarse the dawn of life began

Err I [?????] end my span.



Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105136 (640x480).jpg


Three small grave stones only give their initials – likely small children.







Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105457 (640x480).jpg

Further to the right (south) we see this group of grave stones.









Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105519 (480x640).jpg

The tallest grave stone is for the George Quantz family.


In Loving Memory


George Quantz


Sept. 26, 1892

Aged 80 Years

6 Mo. 25 Days.


For they showed me no little  kindness.


The left panel reads;

In Loving memory


Mary Charlotte



Dec. 4, 1899

Aged 80 years

8 mo.


Errected by their son




Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105540 (480x640).jpg


The east side reads;

In Loving Memory


Francis Watt


Dau (Daughter) of

George & Mary



1848 - 1924









Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105608 (640x480).jpg

Left stone;

Frederick Quantz


Nov. 3, 1876

E. 94 Years


Right stone;


Wife of

Frederick Quantz

Aug. 7, 1876

E. 85 Years




Quantz - Buttonville - 20130626_105636 (480x640).jpg



In Memory Of


Daniel Quantz

Born Sept. 27, 1829

Died July 24, 1905



Mary Ann

Wife of Daniel Quantz

Born  Oct. 7, 1829

Died June 23, 1916











Churchill Christian Church Cemetery

Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 004 (640x480).jpg


Churchill is a small village on the 9th Line  just north of Aurora Sideroad and east of Ballantrae. The address is 15336 Ninth Line, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON.


Churchill is the correct spelling for the name of the community, the church and the cemetery however William always wrote it as “Church Hill” as you will see in his diary (The Old Memorandum).








Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 005 (640x480).jpg




A Baptist Church now owns the facility and meets weekly there.






Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 006 (640x480).jpg


The property was donated by William’s father for the Church and Cemetery.







Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 007 (640x480).jpg



The cemetery is still active. The older graves are near the front and this is where most of the Quantz’s are buried.






Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 009 (640x480).jpg


The author of the “Memorandum” is buried here along with his family.


William A. Quantz

Born – Died

1854 – 1945


Florence E. Amoss

Born – Died

1866 – 1957




Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 008 (640x480).jpg




John O. Quantz

Jun. 10, 1903 – Mar. 6, 1982


Eileen C. Taylor

His Beloved Wife

Feb. 4, 1904 – Jan. 6, 1989



Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 017 (640x480).jpg



John Oscar Quantz










Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 016 (640x480).jpg


John Oscar Quantz

Born Jan. 12, 1868 – Died Jan. 24, 1903


Also His Wife

Margaret Baxter

Born Aug. 16, 1863 – Died Apr. 17, 1943








Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 014 (640x480).jpg


Beloved Wife Of

E. A. Quantz

Died Dec. 21, 1915

In Her 30th Year


Edwin A. Quantz

Died May 16th, 1959

In His 94 Year





Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 015 (640x480).jpg


In Memory Of

Charles A. Quantz

Son of

George & Jane

1872 - 1874




Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 020 (640x480).jpg


In Loving

Remberance of


George Quantz


June 19, 1892



Also of


His Beloved Wife


May 4, 1906






Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 023 (640x480).jpg



Many Friends of the Quantz Family are also buried here such as the Badgeros, the Pyrnes and the Lazenbys












Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 024 (640x480).jpg

Memory of

Jacob Pryne

Who died

Apr. 10, 1887

Aged 57 Years


Also his Wife


Who Died

Mar. 19, 1857

Aged 23 Years






Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 026 (640x480).jpg





Ira Pryne

1849 – 1922


Margaret C. Pews

His Wife

1859 – 1933








Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 027 (640x480).jpg


In Memory of


Arletta Beach

1889 – 1951

Beloved Wife of


Wilfred W. Lazenby

1877 – 1955


Willis, Infant 1913




Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 018 (640x480).jpg





Daughter of

Philip & Elizabeth



Died May 1, 1873

E. 37 years, 10 months, 6 days









Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 019 (640x480).jpg



In [Fond Memory Of]

Our Dear Mother

Elizabeth Badgero



March ??, 189?

Aged 89? Years









Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 030 (640x480).jpg



William Badgero

Born 1833 – Died 1904


Mary Bates

His Wife

Born 1838 – Died 1916









Quantz - Cemeteries - Church Hill - 2013 033 (640x480).jpg





Churchill Town Limits as seen from the north.






Peach’s United Church Cemetery


Quantz - Cemeteries - Peach - 2013 037 (640x480).jpgThe Peach’s Church Cemetery is located at 10762 McCown Road near the Markham Fair Grounds (at the corner of McCowan Road and Elgin Mills Road about 1 country road north of Major Mackenzie Road north of Markham Ontario).







Quantz - Cemeteries - Peach - 2013 034 (640x480).jpg





It started as a Methodist Church in 1847. The existing building was built in 1890.

It is now part of the United Church denomination.






Quantz - Cemeteries - Peach - 2013 038 (480x640).jpg




The grave stone looks relatively new and brings five graves around it together.







Quantz - Cemeteries - Peach - 2013 039 (480x640).jpg



In Memory Of


Harvey Quantz

Died Oct. 13, 1935

In His 78th Year


Sarah Ann Jennings

Wife of

Fred H. Quantz

Died June 3rd, 1919

In Her 60th Year


Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.






Quantz - Cemeteries - Peach - 2013 041 (480x640).jpg

On the back (west) side of this grave stone;


Children of

Fred H & Sarah A.



Mary Vida

Died 1892, in her 5 Year


Mabel Helena

Died 1892, in her 3 Year


Elma Blanche

Died 1892, In her 1 Year


Suffer the little children to come unto me “Jesus”





Quantz - Cemeteries - Peach - 2013 042 (640x480).jpg




Peach’s is a small cemetery but still active.







Quantztown Cemetery

Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 043 (640x480).jpgQuantztown Cemetery is located on McCowan Roadon the west side just south of 16th Avenue at address 9112 McCowan Road, Markham, ON.. Quantztown Cemetery is no longer active.

This information is from

Historic Tour of Markham
Presented by The Town Crier of Markham Inc.



Quantztown Cemetery
Earliest Marker 1844

The hamlet of Quantztown was settled by descendants of Melchior Quantz, who emigrated from Germany. He settled in Markham in the 1790s. Melchior Quantz was a Berczy Settler. His son donated land for the cemetery, which was constructed in the 1840s. The earliest marker is dated 1844.

Some of the people who are in the cemetery are as follows:

Sophia Quantz, died in 1882 at the age of 75. She was the wife of George Haacke, buried with her, who died four years later in 1886 at the age of 86. He was the son of John Haacke, who settled in Markham with his wife, Hannah Adams, reportedly a cousin of John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States. George was their only child to remain in Markham. Four of their children, Henry, 3, Margaret, 13, and Janie, 5, all died within eight days of each other in the fall of 1861. Mary Ann also lays there. The wife of David Miller died in 1865 at age 22.
Beside the children is their sister, Hannah. The daughter of George and Sophia Haacke and wife of John J. Lunau died in 1858, days shy of her twentieth birthday. Hannah Lunau, her daughter, died in 1862 at age 3 years, 10 months, 10 days.

Darius Witter was killed by the falling of the Desjardine's (sic) railroad bridge - March 12, 1857. On that date, 90 passengers were on a Great Western Railway train from Toronto to Hamilton. As the train neared its destination, the swing bridge over the Desjardins Canal collapsed. The train plummeted into the frigid canal, killing 59. He was 30.

Lydia Wismer died in January 1857, just several days shy of her 87 birthday. David Wismer died in August that same year, at age 87. Their son, David, was a deacon at the Christian church at Quantztown. The church, which is no longer there, was built at the edge of the cemetery. It was part of the Bible Christian Church, which originated in the United States. Missionaries brought its teachings into Upper Canada. Congregations started at Ringwood, Markham Village, Bloomington in Whitchurch, in Stouffville and in Quantztown.

The last marker is dated 1946.

The above is from HISTORIC TOURS MARKHAM at http://www.historictours.ca/HT1.asp?strID=173

At first glance there does not seem to be many graves used in this cemetery but there are many thaat are not marked. The City of Markham has a complete listing of the people buried here. The city has done a very good job of stabalizing and repairing the grave stones here.

Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 050 (640x480).jpg


Some of the Quantz grave stones.








Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 049 (640x480).jpg



Loving Memory


George Quantz

Son of

H & S Quantz

(Herbert & Sarah Anne Quantz)


Died: July 20, 1893

Aged 7 Months





Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 045 (480x640).jpg



Katharine Elizabeth

Inscription is below







Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 046 (640x480).jpg



In Memory Of

Katharine Elizabeth

(Catherine Crosby)

Beloved Wife of

Philip Quantz

Died May 14, 1880

E. 38 Years, 7 months



Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 051 (480x640).jpg




This grave stone is in the back row.






Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 052 (480x640).jpg

In Memory Of


Sophia Quantz

Beloved Wife of

George Haacke

Died Aug. 1, 1892

Aged 75 Years, 25 Days


George Haacke

Died Mar. 21, 1896

Age 86 Years


“Rest In Peace”



Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 058 (480x640).jpg



In Memory Of




Beloved wife of

John Quantz


Born Sept. 1, 1822

Died Nov. 15, 1902






Quantz - Cemeteries - Quantztown - 2013 061 (640x480).jpg




Quantztown Cemetery













Additional Memorials to the Quantzs

WAQ House Stouffville 2013 -20130620_154257 (640x480).jpg

There are two streets named after Quantzs. Both are in the general area behind or to the east of St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery at Buttonville.



Quantz Ct.






WAQ House Stouffville 2013 -20130620_154731 (640x480).jpg



Melchior Cres.









George B. Quantz House

http://www.historictours.ca/htimages/2DavidGohn.jpgThis information is from

Historic Tour of Markham
Presented by The Town Crier of Markham Inc.



Community: Heritage Estates

Constructed: 1864

Address: 2 David Gohn Circle

Research credit: Heritage Markham, Doors Open Markham

This is the only surviving building from the hamlet of Quantztown, settled by the descendants of Melcher Quantz who came to Markham in 1864.

Formerly at 8982 McCowan Road



· This house was constructed by George B. Quantz c. 1864 and is the only surviving remnant of a small hamlet that once existed on the 7th Concession Road, now known as McCowan Road.
· George B. Quantz was the grandson of Melchior Quantz, a soldier in a Hessian regiment of the English army during the American Revolution. After the war, Melchior returned to England but the Quantz family came back to the United States in 1791. There they joined a group of German settlers, led by William Berczy and came to settle in Markham in 1794. Melchior Quantz was granted Lot 13, Concession 2 upon his arrival in the Township of Markham. His eldest son, Frederick carried on the family farm and later passed it on to his children.
· George Quantz Sr. Was Melchior Quantz’ second son. He married Mary Ann Baker in 1807 and together they settled on the east half of Lot 14, Concession 6, having 11 children. In 1854, George Quantz Sr. began to subdivide this lot for his children. The group of lots soon became known locally as Quantztown, or as Centerville because it was located in the centre between Unionville and Markham Village.

Architectural Attributes
· A Classic Revival house with Italianate features.
· A fine example of the plank on plank construction method. As this construction method was not overly common in the Markham area very few known examples exist.
· Clad in wooden clapboard siding in corner boards
· The windows have been replicated in the 6/6 style.
· The tail has been added.

Contextual Significance
This 1˝ story cottage, built in the Classic Revival style of architecture, is one of the few known examples of plank on plank construction existing in Markham today.

Originally located at 8982 McCowan Road, this house was constructed by the grandson of Melchoir Quantz, one of the earliest British settlers to arrive in Markham Township in 1894.

It is interesting to note that Markville Secondary School was to be named after the Quantz family, but the parents and students of the new school petitioned the School Board to change the name, so in their infinite wisdom, they named the school after the shopping centre to the south. So much for local history.

See page http://www.historictours.ca/HT1.asp?strID=91


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Source and Copy Reference Information

While copyright and ownership remains with all direct descendants of William A. Quantz, the family welcomes inquiries from readers about additional usage consistent with the spirit and purposes as stated by the author." You can contact us at   info@quantzfamily.net.