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This webpage is set up as a demo or test to help us consider how to deal with some of the digital media being captured.


Some media files will need to download before you can play them.

PDF versions of documents have a separate link and will download to your computer.


Thoughts and Ideas for Archived Sermons & Media

      Email – Feb 1, 2024 - PDF

Note: Number on each sermon link indicates the year and the order of the sermons preached during Family Camp



Stayner Family Camp

       Archived Sermons


           198203 – You Stayed Long Enough – Mark Bolender - PDF









       Markham Missionary Church Sermon Archives

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       History Of Stayner Camp

                 History Of Stayner Camp 1925 - 2013 - Dr David M Atkinson

                             Large AVI file download and play

                 History Of Stayner Camp 1925 - 2013 - Dr David M Atkinson

                             Stream on YouTube


                 Old-Time Camp Meeting - Toronto Star 1928 - PDF


                 100 Years Of Camp Meetings - 1881-1981 - The Missionary Church - PDF







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